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2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee L

Jeep Grand Cherokee vs Jeep Grand Cherokee L | Key Differences

2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee 2-row vs 2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee L 3-row 

The 2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee is an excellent example of Jeep pushing toward the luxury end of the mid-size SUV segment. With that, the 2024 Grand Cherokee retains its off-road capable nature and does not sacrifice any prior capabilities that people grew to love. Also, the 2024 Grand Cherokee comes with a healthy spread of trim levels, which means no matter your budget or need, the Grand Cherokee has an option for you.

Despite the Grand Cherokee being a staple model in Jeep’s expansive lineup, most buyers may not know there is a 2-row and a 3-row option within this model. The 2024 Grand Cherokee L is a 3-row, luxury-focused but purpose-built mid-size SUV while the 2024 Grand Cherokee is a 2-row mid-size SUV, with less room but a more approachable price. In this article, we will cover both the similarities and the differences between the two, so you can decide which is the best choice for you.

Exterior Similarities and Differences 

Visually, the 2024 Grand Cherokee L and Grand Cherokee are extremely similar, size aside. Also known as the WL body style, the fully redesigned Grand Cherokee added a much-needed exterior refresh to the Grand Cherokee in 2021 when it was released. This revised exterior features Jeep’s signature 7-slat grille in front, accompanied by some sleeker LED headlights with daytime running lights. A functional lower grille sits below the upper one, and this boxy yet aggressive honeycomb grille has two smaller ones with foglights on either side of it. This boxy style, which is a nice throwback to prior classic Jeep design language, is carried through the side of the vehicle as well. A single body line runs nearly parallel to the ground from the front headlight to the rear taillight. The roofline of the 2024 Grand Cherokee sits considerably more horizontal when compared to the sloping roof of the prior generation of Grand Cherokees. The rear is finished with some sleek LED taillights, matching the headlights perfectly, along with some simple muscular trunk and rear bumper lines.

When comparing the 2024 Grand Cherokee L to the 2024 Grand Cherokee, you will notice a few subtle differences between the two, exterior-wise. First and foremost, the L is longer to accompany its 3-row seating arrangement. This is easily seen when looking at the side profile, as it is visually longer as well as more boxy towards the rear of the vehicle. The Grand Cherokee L also has a slightly different lower front grille that angles outwards instead of being near perfectly rectangular.

It should be noted that there is an endless variation of exterior choices based on the wide spread of trim levels, colors, and exterior packages.

2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee vs 2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Trim Levels

The 2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee aims to provide the most customizable option available when shopping for a mid-size SUV. This is seen with the large spread of trim levels and the ability to choose a 3-row option for any of the available trim levels, instead of settling for a different vehicle that may not be as appealing which is the case with most other automakers.

Below is a breakdown of the 2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee trim levels and the 2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee L trim levels.

  • Laredo: The Laredo is your base model trim, however, you will find it is not your standard base model as it has a plethora of amenities and features while still keeping the starting price reasonable. The Laredo comes in 3 different layouts, the Laredo A, Laredo, and Laredo X. The Laredo A only comes in a 2-row option with a 4×2 drive option, and it is the lowest on the rung as far as price goes. It comes standard with a 3.6L V6 engine (paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission), 17-inch aluminum wheels, cloth seats, and an 8.4-inch touchscreen display with Uconnect 5. The Laredo takes things a bit further offering the same amenities as the A with the addition of painted 17-inch aluminum wheels and the option to get it in a 3-row configuration with 4×4. The Laredo X sprinkles on some more goodies such as larger 18-inch painted aluminum wheels and a power sunroof.
  • Altitude: The Altitude has two configurations, the Altitude and the Altitude X. Similar to the Laredo, the X signifies some additional creature comforts on top of what the standard trim offers. The Altitude comes standard with 18-inch gloss-black painted aluminum wheels. The interior features some plush upgrades such as leatherette and suede seats. The Altitude is powered by the same potent 3.6L V6 engine paired with the smooth shifting 8-speed automatic transmission. The Altitude X adds a power sunroof on top of the standard features of the Altitude.
  • Limited: The Limited adds a luxury-focused trim to the lineup, with some classy 18-inch polished/painted aluminum wheels and leatherette seats. The touchscreen display gets even bigger growing to a healthy 10.1 inches also featuring Uconnect 5 but this time with Nav. The powertrain of the Limited is the same as the prior two models.
  • Overland: The Overland is truly a special addition to the trim lineup, as it has some excellent off-road focused available features and some additional exterior and interior upgrades. The Overland features the same powertrain and entertainment setup as the limited. You will immediately notice the increased road presence with its 20-inch machined aluminum wheels. The interior is covered in Nappa leather seats, which is a full-grain leather that is known for being extremely soft and plush. As the name suggests, there are some serious off-road optional features available such as an off-road camera, night vision, and map-in-cluster display. You also will be able to spec the 3-row L variant of this trim with a powerful 5.7L Hemi V8 engine.
  • Summit: The Summit, comes with two setups; the Summit and Summit Reserve. The Summit name signifies it being at the top of the trim lineup. Featuring 20-inch fully-painted aluminum silver wheels, the Summit trim is hard to miss. You also get a stunning two-tone paint setup and some gorgeous paint options such as Velvet Red Pearl Coat. The same 10.1-inch touchscreen display is found inside, as well as the world-renowned Nappa leather throughout the interior. Similar to the Overland, the L variant of the Summit or Summit Reserve is available with a 5.7L Hemi V8 engine.
  • Summit Reserve: Being at the peak of the trim lineup can be immense pressure, but the Summit Reserve does not crack. Visually, the Summit Reserve has some serious road presence with its 21-inch machined/painted face aluminum wheels and two-tone exterior paint. Inside, you are surrounded by luxurious materials such as Palermo leather seats in either tan or black. If this is not enough opulence for you, the steering wheel and dash are lined with open-pore wood trim, creating a truly spectacular interior experience.

Interior Similarities and Differences 

Similar to the exterior of the 2024 Grand Cherokee, there are near endless customizable options when speccing out the interior. This is thanks to, again, the expansive trim lineup and the ability to opt for the 3-row L model or 2-row standard model. The main thing to note about the 2024 Grand Cherokee’s interior, is it is leaps and bounds more luxurious than its prior iterations. In its higher trim levels, like the Summit, you will find items such as Nappa leather, ambient lighting, 16-way adjustable seats, and massaging seats.

There are some changes though when comparing the interior of the 2024 Grand Cherokee L and the 2024 Grand Cherokee. The first, and most glaring, difference is the Grand Cherokee L has 3-rows of seating, which are quite roomy. The 2024 Grand Cherokee L has best-in-class 2nd-row seating, without sacrificing comfort and functionality. The 2nd row of the Grand Cherokee L has 2 plush bucket seats, that can fold down to offer more storage space. The standard 2024 Grand Cherokee offers excellent cargo capacity as well, with 70.8 cubic feet of cargo room. This, however, is beaten by the L with a staggering 84.6 cubic feet of available cargo capacity. The Grand Cherokee L also features an available camera system that allows you to monitor the third row of seating, perfect for families with children.

Safety & Driver Assistance Technology

One thing the Grand Cherokee and its extended L variant have in common is the sheer amount of best-in-class technology that is packed into their cabins. From safety monitoring systems to crystal clear sound systems, the 2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee does not skip a beat. Each trim level of the 2024 Grand Cherokee will come with a responsive and accurate LED touchscreen, paired with Jeep’s Uconnect system. Lightning-fast directions are available to you with the thanks of Uconnect as well as the ability to save up to 5 separate user profiles and connect multiple smartphones. Passengers are also not neglected inside the 2024 Grand Cherokee or Grand Cherokee L thanks to an additional LED screen above the glovebox, allowing them to send directions to the driver, among other things.

Aside from the impressive comfort and luxury-based technology found inside, there is a plethora of standard safety features to keep you and your family safe.

The cherry on top of the copious amounts of creature comforts offered by the 2024 Grand Cherokee is it has the most available safety and security features in its class.

Here is a list of all the standard safety technology you will get no matter which trim level you opt for:

  • Rear backup camera with dynamic gridlines
  • Rear park assist with active braking
  • Full-speed collision warning with active braking
  • Pedestrian/Cyclist detection
  • Blind-spot monitoring with rear cross-path detection
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Active lane management system

The 2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee also has received a 5-star NHTSA overall safety rating which means the utmost protection for you and your precious cargo.

Powertrain Options and Fuel Efficiency

The standard engine you will find across all 2024 Grand Cherokee models, no matter if they are the 3-row L variant or not, is the 3.6L Pentastar V6 that produces 293 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque. This motor can tow up to 6,200 pounds while achieving 19 city and 26 highway mpg. This efficient, yet powerful, engine is paired with a smooth-shifting 8-speed automatic transmission. If you opt for a larger 3-row Grand Cherokee L, you will receive the option to upgrade this engine. The Overland, Summit, and Summit Reserve trims are available with Jeep’s 5.7L Hemi V8 engine. This powerful engine option ups the horsepower to 357 and the pound-feet of torque to 390. You also will have some increased towing capacity upping that figure to 7,200 pounds. There is not a current official mpg rating for the Hemi V8 engine option for 2024, but you can expect some decreased efficiency in lieu of the increased power figures.

The 2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe

If you are seeking out a more fuel-efficient option, the 2024 Grand Cherokee lineup does offer a hybrid version. The 2024 Grand Cherokee 4xe is available in 2-row only and maintains a lot of the similar styling to the gas-powered model. Despite this, some subtle exterior cues hint towards it being a hybrid such as blue tow hooks, badging on the rear, and the charging port located on the front fender. The major appeal of the 4xe is the increased fuel efficiency, as it is able to achieve 56 mpge. This is thanks to it being powered by a 2.oL Turbo PHEV engine, that produces 375 horsepower and a staggering 470 pound-feet of torque. You also do not sacrifice much towing capability as this hybrid Grand Cherokee is able to tow up to 6,000 pounds. The 4xe is available in 6 distinct trim levels; the Base 4xe, 30th Anniversary, Trailhawk, Overland, Summit, and Summit Reserve.

If you are interested in a 2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe hybrid, click HERE


2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee
2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee L
2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee
2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee L
2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee
2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee L
2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee Interior
2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Steering Wheel
2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee L 3rd-Row Cargo Space
2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee Passenger Display

How much is a 2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

A wide spread of trim levels and the option to size up to a 3-row means a wide spread of pricing. This is great for buyers with a range of needs and price points.

  • Laredo A: MSRP starting at $36,495 2-row, 4×2, available only
  • Laredo: MSRP starting at $42,130 2-row | $44,130 3-row L
  • Laredo X: MSRP starting at $42,880 2-row | $44,630 3-row L
  • Altitude: MSRP starting at $46,140 2-row | $48,140 3-row L
  • Altitude X: MSRP starting at $47,235 2-row | $49,235 3-row L
  • Limited: MSRP starting at $51,375 2-row | $53,375 3-row L
  • Overland: MSRP starting at $62,590 2-row | $64,590 3-row L
  • Summit: MSRP starting at $65,955 2-row | $67,955 3-row L
  • Summit Reserve: MSRP starting at $69,840 2-row | $71,840 3-row L

*MSRP excludes destination, taxes, title, and registration fees.

*Pricing is shown for the 4×4 version of each trim level

When will the 2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee be available?

We currently have a wide array of in-stock and incoming 2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee and Grand Cherokee L inventory.

To view our expansive 2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee inventory


Is the 2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee electric?

The 2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee is currently offered in either gas or hybrid. If you are seeking a more fuel-efficient option, the 2024 Grand Cherokee 4xe is an excellent choice as it achieves up to 56 mpge.

To view our expansive 2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe inventory


What is the Jeep Grand Cherokee L?

As covered in this page, the Grand Cherokee L is simply the 3-row version of the standard 2-row Grand Cherokee. It retains most of the same features and exterior and interior styling of the 2-row, while offering more size and cargo capacity as well as some additional upgrade options such as a 5.7L Hemi V8.

How long is the Jeep Grand Cherokee L?

The 2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee L measures 204.9 inches (17 feet) in length, compared to the standard 2-row 2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee which measures 193.5 inches (16 feet).

Is the Jeep Grand Cherokee Reliable?
The 2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee is anticipated to be a reliable option for buyers shopping for a mid-size SUV. This is thanks to its tried and true 3.6L Pentastar V6 engine, which is known to be an extremely reliable engine. Jeep also will stand behind the Grand Cherokee’s reliability with their 3-year/36,000-mile limited warranty plus 5 5-year/60,000-mile powertrain warranty.
On top of this, if you buy from us at Walser Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram, near Minneapolis, you will receive our complimentary 8-year/100,000-mile WalserCare warranty

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